Delivery and
testing “Narda”

Yamanaboats got asked to make two river kayaks for a bed & breakfast in the south of Chile. We could never predict exactly who would be using the kayaks, so we made a model for everyone. Safe, very stable, and easy to maneuver. It is not the fastest kayak, but certainly among the easiest to enjoy from the second you step in.

These pictures are of the first time these kayaks got on the water, it was with the whole family there. From the smallest grandchild, together in 1 kayak with her sister or her mum, to their grandmother.

Specific for this model:
- a shorter length, to maneuver through the curvy rivers
- a wider beam and a very stable hull design
- a larger cockpit, to easily get in and out or be two

This makes it a particularly suitable kayak for families with children, people who enjoy fishing or photography on the water and new-beginners looking to start enjoying the waters.

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